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How to build handstand blocks for gymnasts

February 26, 2012

Well, as I always say it’s never too late to have fun!  I have a 30 year background of gymnastics, acro-gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling.  Ever since I was a little girl, I wished for a pair of handstand blocks that were never under the Christmas tree.  Well, 30+ years later, I thought to myself, “Hell!  Just build them yourself!”  So indeed I did.  Whether, they are for your budding little gymnast or you wanna get back your skills, no matter how old you are, I found handstand blocks are so easy to make!

Me and by BBF neighbor John (yes, the same man who helped me build the greenhouse) built them in under 20 minutes and it costs less than $50!  Keep in mind, I am 5’3″.  The galvanized threaded pipe, I chose 18″ pipe for the challenge.  You might want to consider 12″ pipe for the shorter young gymnasts.

Here’s what you need!

4 – 3/4″ Floor Flange

2 – 18″  3/4″ Galvanized threaded pipe

8 – #10 3/4″ screws

8 – #10  1  1/2″ screws

2 – 6″ 2x4s

1 – 2×2 3/4″ plywood

Now here’s some photos to show you what I did (click on the pics for a larger view):

Mark carefully exactly where you want your stands to be, then screw the floor flanges to the plywood.  Then, screw the pipes into the floor flange.

*Note – when you do a handstand properly, your arms should feel your ears.  In other words, there should be no space in between your arms and your ears.  So, when spacing the pipes, make sure they are not too far apart.  I had only 9″ inbetween the center of both poles.  (if you have any questions about this, leave them in the comment section.)

Next, pick the right tool!  Then, tighten the pipes into the floor flanges!

Make sure they are tight!  Next, cut your 6″ 2x4s and mark them centered for the next floor flanges!  Thanx John!

Screw the floor flanges into the tops and voila!  Handstand blocks!  It’s also a good idea to sand the top 2x4s after you put them on and round the edges.

The final step?  HAVE FUN!!

These handstand blocks are great for leaning press-ups, one arm handstands, arches, flags, planks, you name it!  At $44 and change, it’s the gift tht keeps on giving!  Even to a soon to be 40 year old like me!!!  Happy building!

P.S. For a prettier piece of equipment, go ahead and stain it after you assemble it.  I used Bombay Mahoganey.  Took about 20 minutes and let it dry overnight.  See pic below!

Got any comments or questions?  Hit me up below!

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  1. jamie poletti permalink

    awesome! totally doing this soon!!!

  2. Allsion permalink

    Hi what website can i buy these products from?

  3. Christopher Lange permalink

    I wanted to post on your site because I have now made three sets of “Handstand/Gymnastic Blocks”. I tried using the same hardware that you have used and didn’t much like the result. The problem I ran into was that the cast of the 3\4″ flange was not square. So I have now went to my local metal supply house and have come up with a combination that works fantastically. My daughter is actually using one of the sets for a Competition Dance. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me. I can send pictures if you would like.

  4. Jane and Jade permalink

    Super Awesome! My daughter and I whipped this up this afternoon. Thank you so much, we’re both so pumped!!

  5. Eddie permalink

    Hi, can you tell me if it is bad to have them too far apart? Mine are about 20″ apart and I am wondering if I should bring them closer (9″-12″ apart). I am working on learning to press up and just all around hand balancing. My shoulders are not too flexible so that might be why they feel better so far apart.
    Any tips would help!

    • It really depends on your comfort. like I said in the article above you need to be feeling your ears with your arms. That’s a proper handstand. But if you’re not extremely flexible and that is too uncomfortable, you might have it where you need to be.

  6. Kathleen permalink

    Hello! I am trying to make my own handstand canes and was wondering how far apart should the canes be and how long they should be I am 4’11 and I don’t know how to quite measure for this?

    • hey there! I am 5 foot 3. I would say to keep it around the same distance as I did. maybe bring it in one more inch. If you reach up super tall and have someone measure the distance as you feel your ears with your arms, from the middle of one palm to the middle of the other you should get a good estimate of where they need to be. just make sure you’re reaching super tall and have no space in between your ears and your arms when you measure.

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